Emergency Assistance


You may come to our office in person, or call us at 317-682-4944. In some cases we will do the intake over the telephone. If you are incapable of applying in person, a social worker or someone with your financial power of attorney can conduct business for you.


To qualify for assistance from Pink-4-Ever, you must meet the following eligibility criteria and provide the following documentation:

• You must have written documentation of breast cancer diagnosis from your oncologist stating what your current treatment is. We will send the oncologist our Letter of Diagnosis form to be filled out.

• You must be a resident of Indiana. Please bring your picture I.D with current address.

• Your current monthly income must be $ (this figure is subject to change based on annual review by our Board of Directors). Please provide current proof of monthly income, such as a printout or award letter from State Disability, DWD, Social Security, or General Assistance, or a bank statement showing direct deposits. If you have no income, a social worker can attest to that for you in a letter.


Once all these documents have been provided and your Pink-4-Ever file is complete, you are eligible to receive a grant for financial assistance for up to $800, or for medical costs up to $1,500. The exact figure will be determined by Pink-4-Ever staff. This money may be used to pay for items such as the following:

• Rent

• Utilities (gas, electric, water)

• Phone

• Medical Insurance Premiums

• Medical Expenses not covered by insurance

• Pre-arranged funeral costs (payment can only be made prior to a client's death)


Pink-4-Ever’s funding is limited, and every attempt is made to use funds to cover urgent needs. Pink-4-Ever currently does not pay storage or relocation expenses, gym memberships, cable TV bills or other non-emergency services. In Indianapolis food may be provided by Gleaners Food bank.


PINK-4-EVER payments on behalf of clients are made ONLY to the actual provider of goods or services (landlords, utility companies, medical provider, etc.), never to the client. PINK-4-EVER can pay only the client’s share of these costs.

PINK-4-EVER can make rent payments only to the actual owner of the property, not to friends or roommates. Please bring a copy of the lease or rental agreement showing your name, address, rental amount, the owner's name, owner's address, and the signatures of both parties. For bills other than rent, please bring the complete utility or medical bill, including the payment stub.

In order to maintain client privacy regarding diagnosis or medical condition, PINK-4-EVER’s checks do not have the agency name or telephone number printed on them, but do include the client’s name and vendor account number whenever possible. Checks are mailed directly to service providers and/or property owners. Once all documents are received, it takes 1-2 weeks to approve the grant, write the check, have it signed and then mailed.


Generally speaking, clients are eligible to re-apply to PINK-4-EVER for additional assistance twelve months or more after the date of their last grant. Eligibility criteria change, so clients should be prepared to provide new documentation (including a new letter from their doctor, current identification, and proof of income and current lease) at the time they reapply.


In order to be fair to everyone, our policies and procedures are set by the Board of Directors. The Office staff is unable to make any exceptions to any policy or procedure. Clients who are denied a grant but believe they are qualified for assistance have the right to appeal and/or file a grievance.

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