Abeba Dau

Abeba DauServing as the board member who oversees the organization’s special events calendar, Abeba Dau joined the Pink-4-Ever, Inc. Board of Directors in 2017. Working first in a volunteer capacity, Abeba has spent her first year on the board, learning more about the organization and its impact on the Indianapolis community. Taking her passion for fundraising to the next level, Abeba works tirelessly to ensure tickets are sold to each of the organization’s fundraising events. Taking part in the annual Mother’s Day Brunch is especially endearing to her, as her own mother has passed. Abeba loves this particular event, as it reminds her not to take the celebration of loved ones lightly.

Abeba decided to get more involved with P4E, as the need arose to give back to her community in a way that would make a difference. Wanting to do more than donate, Abeba wanted to touch those within her immediate reach, impacting her community, through a message of hope, compassion, love and knowledge relative to a disease by which so many are affected. Abeba acknowledges that being involved with the organization has truly shown her what it means to give unselfishly; and, that sacrificing a little of her own time is worth it, knowing that someone in her community is getting the assistance they need through the organization’s diverse programs.