Kathy Walden

Kathy WaldenAs a new member of the Pink-4-Ever, Inc., Board of Directors, Kathy Walden will serve the organization through her efforts in recruiting and retaining volunteers for the organization. Newly introduced to the organization, her attendance and participation at the Simply Pink Fashion Show was an inspiration, and provided an in-depth view of the impact the organization has on the Indianapolis community. As a breast cancer survivor, Kathy decided to get more involved with the organization, using her personal and professional skills to fundraise for the organization and give back to her community. Kathy joined the organization to make a difference within her own community, and amongst like-minded people. Even more intrigued by the fact there are not many organizations in Indianapolis that focus on bringing breast health awareness to the African American community, Kathy is excited to be an aide in helping encourage proactive healthcare; and, making those around her aware of the resources she did not have access to while on her personal journey.