Shalon Roberson-Shannon

Shalon Roberson-ShannonFirst serving as a volunteer Administrative Coordinator to the Executive Director and Vice President; and, proving her dedication to the forward movement of the organization, Mrs. Roberson-Shannon was elected to serve as the Vice President of the Pink-4-Ever, Inc. Board of Directors, beginning in 2018! Shalon has utilized her administrative and organizational skills to ensure that board activities are both initiated and executed decently and in order! While there are many events that have caught and held her attention, Shalon especially enjoyed learning more about the Tasha Roper Journey Award and the process that goes into selecting the annual recipients. Knowing that the proceeds from the organization’s fundraising events goes directly back into the community, is not only something that she can appreciate; but, is something for which she is willing to lend her time, talent and treasure!

Having an abnormal mammogram, resulting in her own breast health scare, heightened Shalon’s interest in breast health awareness, and increased her desire to become involved with educating others about preventative health and healthy living habits.