Stephanie Beaver-Smith

Stephanie Beaver-SmithStephanie Beaver Smith's educational training from Marian University and experience in accounting, led her to the perfect position on the Board of Directors at Pink-4-Ever. She has served as Treasurer since 2008. Her talents for working with numbers and her dedication to the mission of Pink-4-Ever (P4E) has aided in her drive to serve on the Board. Utilizing today's latest and greatest technology, Stephanie says she is able to balance all transactions, which make it easier to manage grants, donations and expenses of the organization.

Much like her ability to balance the finances of Pink-4-Ever, Stephanie is a great example of someone who is balancing work and volunteerism, while she and her husband attend to their active children.

During the month of October, Stephanie gets even busier with Pink-4-Ever. October's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and P4E's programs jump into high gear. One of Stephanie's favorite events is our Think Pink Week. The Board members go to different schools in the community to speak, educate and have fun while fundraising with students and staff. Stephanie says, "At the end of the week it's good to see the smiles on the kids' faces when they find out how much money they have raised."

Stephanie's desire to get involved with P4E was built out of frustration of seeing people she cared about going through the struggles of having breast cancer, as well as facing hardships that come along with the disease, such as financial issues. Knowing that Pink-4-Ever believes in, "It's okay to talk about it," and offers emergency assistance for a variety of needs like paying bills or buying groceries has really eased some of Stephanie's feelings of defeat within her community.