Executive Director

Kali Weather

Kali M. Weather is the Executive Director for Pink-4-Ever and previously served as the Vice President of the organization since 2015. While serving on the Board, Kali has taken on several duties, including the event coordination of our annual Simply Pink Fashion Show. Along with various public speaking engagements throughout the City of Indianapolis, Kali educates women on breast cancer, holds their hands, and provides comforting words of encouragement; but, most importantly, lets them know "it's okay to talk about it".

Kali's family has been personally affected by breast cancer, and feels that almost 17 years later there is still so much work to be done, especially in minority communities. She has committed herself to the cause and Pink-4-Ever, which is helping to decrease the gap of disparities among minority groups in her own community.

Even though Kali is busy helping Pink-4-Ever reach their goal of ending breast cancer forever, she still manages to run her own businesses and is employed for another company, utilizing her skills in Human Resources management.

As Pink-4-Ever continues to grow and expand services and programs, Kali continues to be recognized around town as the "the breast cancer lady". She believes that is a direct response of the positive steps Pink-4-Ever is taking to be the advocate women need. Kali believes that if we are memorable to one person at a time, we are succeeding! When our audience recognizes Pink-4-Ever in public, we have done something right!

Kali can be reached at:

317-682-4944 Ext 105